About the company

The Vision

It's really quite simple. To be progressive, forward thinking, and provide clients the absolute best consulting services, or products.


Operations are based in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Services are also available throughout the European Union, and other countries.

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The comapny's principal is T. Mark Collins, a Professional Engineer licensed in the Province of Ontario, Canada since 1986.

He has been involved in IT, and specifically the telecom industry since 1981. Mostly working in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada, but also throughout the European Union while based in London, England.

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Early consulting services started in 1988 as an independent consultant in Toronto, Canada.

The year 2000 brought the opportunity to provide consulting services in Europe as the principal in TMC Solutions, Inc., a technology consulting company based in London, England.

Upon return to Toronto, Canada in 2002, Systegral was formalized. The name Systegral comes from the marriage of the words Systems and Integral, reflecting their importance to achieve a co–ordinated whole in all work. The company's focus was an extension of the consulting and training work begun in England, now with the addition of software development. The consulting focus was on the telecom industry sector, primarily providing expert knowledge of contact centre technology.

In 2009, a shift in the company's consulting focus broadened from the telecom sector to include other technology industries. This was also when software development efforts changed from desktop systems to mobile.

In 2014, a broadening of the offered services has involved moving into financial asset management with a technology focus, beta software testing, small business network consulting, database design, and a variety of other electrical engineering consulting.